1925 Supreme Court Changes to the United States Constitution


1925 Supreme Court Changes to the United States Constitution

In 1913 changes to the United States Constitution were made by the enactment of the 16th and 17th amendments.  The 1925 Supreme Court in the Butler Case decision used the newly enacted amendments to justify changes to the United States Constitution.

The Founding Fathers constitution had checks and balances placed within the governing document that established to limit the power and authority of the Federal government over the lives of the people.  The Founders were fearful that an all powerful Federal government would not be responsive to the people’s rights.

Historically prior to the U. S. Constitution governmental bodies were not responsive to the rights and freedom of its citizenry.  It was not until the enactment of the U. S. Constitution in 1789 that the rights and freedom of people were to be protected.  The Founding Fathers were aware of the adage that power corrupts and that absolute power corrupts absolutely. The checks and balances were established in the original Founding Fathers Constitution so that the Federal governments appetite for power could be controlled.

Enactment of the 16th and 17th amendments to the constitution negated the checks and balances that were in the original constitution.  The 16th amendment allowed the Federal government to directly tax each State’s citizens.  The 17th amendment removed the United States Senators as “sentinels” to protect the rights of their state.  The Senators no longer had to report back to their State do determine what actions needed to be taken in Washington D. C.

U. S. Constitution Turned Upside Down

These amendment modifications allowed the Supreme Court to drastically make changes to the United States Constitution in their Butler Case decision that reversed the documents purpose.  This one decision has turned the constitution upside down.  Whereas the constitution was originally written to protect the rights and freedom of the people, the newly revised constitution, after the Supreme Court decision gave the Federal government unlimited control and authority.

The Founding Fathers constitution limited the powers of the Federal government.  The new constitutional Supreme Court interpretation has reversed the the authority positions of power from the people to the Federal government.  The Federal government is now free unbridled and unrestrained to do whatever.  The people now have limited power to control their Federal government.


Out-of-Control Federal Government

The States which had originally given the Federal government its powers and authority now found themselves subrogated under the control of an all-powerful Federal government.  In less than a hundred years from this historic 1925 Supreme Court decision the freedom of the people has been greatly curtailed accompanied by a Federal government that has established an unprecedented debt obligation on the people.   The government’s appetite for power must be controlled or America will collapse.

The system without the checks and balances does not provide sufficient motivations for members of congress to curtail the runaway actions of the Federal government.  It is irrelevant which political party the congressional members represent as the system established by the current constitution does not provide motivation to protect the rights and freedom of the people.  The current governmental system rewards congressional members who recklessly  increase benefits for their individual electorate in order to get re-elected.

The U. S. Senators no longer protect the rights of their State.  The people’s rights and freedom are not being protected by any of the governmental branches.  Governmental control must be returned back to the people.

Repeal the 17th Amendment

Repealing the 17th amendment to the constitution will reinstate the authority of the States allowing the State governments to VETO inappropriate Federal actions.  Without restoring VETO authority to the State governments the states will not have the power to stop the unbridled Federal abuses.

Failure to control the Federal government will lead to national insolvency.  This insolvency will have unparalleled consequences affecting life, freedom and the ability of the people to pursue happiness.  It is imperative that the Federal government be bridled by the people.

Healing America

Just as changes to the United States Constitution had unknown consequences the process of healing America must be accomplished with great care and deliberation.  The checks and balances established in the original Founding Fathers Constitution must be restored so that the ills facing America can be tackled without creating other problems.

Inappropriate or untimely modifications to the constitution may produce consequences that produce results that further the loss of rights and freedom of the people.  It is so important to re-establish the United States Senators as “sentinels” for the States and the people prior to addressing other actions to correct problems.

By restoring the checks and balances of the original Founding Fathers constitution America can begin the healing process.  America can return to its position of greatness.  A free American people allowed to be productive will lead the rest of the world back into freedom and prosperity.


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