Healing the Community and State

(Summary of the content contained in Session 2 of Seminar 4 of the Healing of America Seminar Series)

The First Step to Becoming Involved Locally is to Heal Education

1) The first concern is the loss of parental control over education.

  • Problem
    • Public schools have become the dominant force in education instead of a safety net
  • Solution #1
    • Create competition
    • Promote homeschooling
    • Establish private schools
      • Established by individuals and churches
      • Established by communities themselves
    • Avoid “lure of easy money” available to government-managed education programs
      • Charter schools
      • School vouchers
      • State and federal funding
  • Solution #2
    • Replace state and federal funding with local funding

2) The second concern is irreligious and inappropriate curriculum.

  • Problem
    • Parents have little or no say in the selection of textbooks in schools
    • Many falsehoods are taught in these textbooks
  • Solution
    • Parents or city councils can set up parent advisory committees
    • Committees selected curriculum, faculty, and school administrators

3) The third concern is that there is virtually no patriotism or love and respect for the Founders in the classroom.

  • Problem
    • Social Studies has replaced history and Civics
    • Constitutional principles are not taught in schools
  • Solution
    • Create local schools where all family members can attend together

4) The fourth concern is that parents have been blocked by supervisory boards of education on district and state levels.

  • Problem
    • Power and control of education from the state, district, and federal levels have eliminated the voice of parents
  • Solution
    • Eliminate district and state boards of education
    • Assign boards to be advisors only
    • Refuse money from those who would control local education

The Second Step to Becoming Involved Locally is to Heal Our Communities Themselves

1) The first concern is that local citizens feel disconnected from local leaders.

  • Problem
    • Populace involvement in civic affairs is often ignored
  • Solution
    • Become acquainted with city officials
    • Attend zoning meetings
    • Make sure all elected officials are constitutionally certified by TJCCS

2) The second concern is that unwholesome activities and vices invading the community.

  • Problem
    • Unwholesome and undesirable events sponsored by individuals seeking financial gain
  • Solution
    • Avoid financial support of inappropriate activities and entertainment
    • Support wholesome activities
    • Organize gatherings to unify families within the neighborhood

3) The third concern is that pornography, indecency, violence, etc., have polluted modern-day media.

  • Problem
    • The television and internet are filled with filth, immorality, and crudeness
  • Solution
    • If can’t be solved at local level, send vertically up the line

4) The fourth concern is that pornography and indecent materials in local stores and libraries.

  • Problem
    • Pornographic materials are easily accessible
  • Solution
    • Elect leaders who will prohibit the sale of pornographic material
    • Speak with managers of businesses and stores
    • Protest against and remove immoral material

The Third Step to Becoming Involved Locally is to Assist in Healing the States

Some last ideas for restoring the states include:

  • Study their state and U.S. Constitutions (become certified constitutional voters)
  • Send family representative to attend caucuses and “meet-the-candidate” events
  • Encourage each candidate to be constitutionally certified by TJC
  • Join with like-minded groups who actively monitor all state legislative sessions
  • Attend party caucuses and convention
  • Let your voice be heard
  • Support appropriate legislations that would restore proper constitutional principles
  • Be vigilant in every way possible to control vices
  • Study the history of your state and community
  • When possible, become a candidate for public office
  • Promote the concept that all laws should be based on biblical morality