The Building and Unhinging of America Timeline

Roanoke Colony
Jamestown Founded

Colonial capital from 1616 to 1699.

The Mayflower Compact at Plymouth
René Robert de la Salle Explores American Heartland
Major Demand for Readers and Primers

Demand of parents in Boston for books resulted in over 130 editions of spelling books and 332 different primary readers.

First Great Awakening
French and Indian War
Revolutionary War Begins
Declaration of Independence
Articles of Confederation Created
Articles of Confederation Ratified
Revolutionary War Ends
Constitutional Convention
Constitution is Ratified
Northwest Ordinance
First Phase of the Supreme Court

Emphasis on the Founding Fathers' original intent and writings, Federalist Papers, etc.

Second Great Awakening Begins
The Star Spangled Banner is Written

Suggested "In God We Trust" as our national motto.

The Catechism on the Constitution Published
Alexis de Tocqueville Visits America
Democracy in America Published
Second Phase of the Supreme Court

Emphasis on Constitutional Theory after the appointment of Chief Justice Taney. De-emphasis on the quotes and writings of the Founding Fathers.

McGuffey Readers Published
Communist Manifesto

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

Horace Mann Attacks on McGuffey Readers
National Education Association Founded
Darwin Publishes The Origin of Species
American Civil War
"In God We Trust" Added to U.S. Coins
Collapse of Ethics in Education
Progressive Era Begins
Populist Party Founded
Third Phase of the Supreme Court

Judicial Supremacy Replaces Constitutional Supremacy

Teddy Roosevelt Becomes President
John Dewey Joins Columbia's Teachers College Faculty

Began creating an educational delivery system for Horace Mann's secular philosophies.

Massive Economic Success in America

America was producing more than 50% of the developed world's wealth with less than 6% of the world's population.

Judicial Opinion Supreme

Statement by Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes

16th Amendment Ratified
17th Amendment Ratified
Federal Reserve Act
Tax-Exempt Foundations
World War I

Citizens distracted from changes in education by the war.

John Dewey's Democracy and Education
Roaring Twenties

Citizens distracted from changes in education by prosperity.

Council on Foreign Relations Created
The Great Depression

Citizens distracted from changes in education by poverty and the depression.

FDR's New Deal
Removal of Gold Standard by Executive Order

Order 6102 by FDR

"A Humanist Manifesto" is Published
Social Security Act Passed
General Welfare Redefined

United States vs. Butler

World War II

Increased patriotism from 1945-late 1950's. Citizens distracted from changes in education by the war and recovery efforts.

Removal of Religion from Schools

Everson vs. Board of Education (1947): Government cannot encourage religion in any way.

McCollum vs. Board of Education (1948): No religious classes in school.

Reece Committee Investigation
Influence of John Dewey

About 1/3 of all presidents and deans of teacher training schools are graduates of Columbia's Teachers College.

Norman Dodd Investigation
Judicial Activism by the Warren Court
"Under God" Added to Pledge of Allegiance
"In God We Trust" Added to All Currency
"In God Is Our Trust" is Made Our National Motto

Emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and de-emphasis on ethics, civics, arts, etc. Introduction of "Social Studies" to study social problems.

No Morals in Education

Average of 0.00 out of 25 pages with moral lessons, down from 16.01 pages out of 25 in 1810.

The Sexual Revolution
Removal of Prayer from Schools

Engel v. Vitale

JFK: Constitution Written For a Different Era
Lord's Prayer and Bible Reading Outlawed in Schools

School District Abington vs. Schempp

Removal of Silver Standard
Educating Away From Parents

Dr. Pierce at teacher conference in Denver, Colorado (1973)

Gloria Steinem, The Saturday Review of Education, March 1973

Lemon Test Established

Lemon v. Kurtzman

Humanist Manifesto II is Published
Gerald Ford Becomes the First Unelected President
Department of Education Established
Further Separating from Parents

Dr. John Goodland report for the National Education Association

Collapsing Education

Five independent studies by leading educators calling for return to the basics. Historic report by the National Commission on Excellence in Education.

Skyrocketing Crime and Immorality