Healing America by Restoring the Constitution and International Relationships

(Summary of the content contained in Session 4 of Seminar 4 of the Healing of America Seminar Series)

What Everyone Should Know About Free Enterprise, Socialism, and Personal Economic Security

There is an urgent need for Comprehensive Monetary Reform. We recommend a program of Social Security Reform which should please everyone:

  • Restore the gold and silver standard
  • Fix money supply in terms of GDP
  • Outlaw fractional banking
  • Drastically reduce or eliminate inflation
  • Minimal interest rates
  • Level off prices in the free market
  • Major causes of strikes should be eliminated
  • The people’s savings should be protected

Here are some problems and solutions to consider:

  • Problem #1
    • Congress relinquished responsibility to be in charge of money, credit, and finances to a consortium of private banks
  • Solution
    • Repeal the Federal Reserve Act (no need for an amendment)
  • Problem #2
    • 16th Amendment gave Federal government authority to directly tax citizens
  • Solution
    • Repeal the 16th amendment by passing the Liberty Amendment
    • Maintain balanced budget

Restoring America’s International Relationships

  • We have engaged in unconstitutional executive agreements
  • America’s greatest export
  • Adequate supply of food
  • Success formula has yet to be fulfilled
  • Melting pot
  • The First Bastion of Freedom
    • Founder’s were expansionists, not imperialists
    • United States of North America
    • Monroe Doctrine
  • Founder’s Foreign Policy
    • European alliances led to war
    • Separatism, not isolationism
  • Constitutional principles
    • Specify framework of basic beliefs on which the constitution is structured
    • Define form of government to be maintained both locally and nationally
    • Specify divisions of political power and political services between the local and national government
    • Specify the vertical separation of power
    • Specify the horizontal separation of power
  • Declaration of Rights
    • Freedom of conscience
    • Freedom of religion
    • Freedom of expression
    • Freedom to petition
    • Freedom to assemble
    • Right to bear arms
    • Right to be protected by writ of habeas corpus
    • Right to be protected from testifying against oneself
    • Right of trial by jury
    • Right of protection from unlawful search and seizure
    • Guaranteed due process of law
  • Economic and Monetary Policies
    • A sound money system based on precious metals
    • Elimination of fractional banking
    • Power to issue money and currency restricted to government
    • Problems connected with private banks
    • Free market with minimal regulations
      • Fraud
      • Force
      • Monopoly
      • Debauchery
    • Specify those powers prohibited to the national government and those prohibited to the states or provinces
    • Specify the means by which it is to be adopted and thereafter amended
  • Summary
    • Severely restrict trade with nations hostile against freedom
    • Withdraw American troops from foreign assignments
    • Phase-out federal aid
    • Tariff and tax policies should favor home industry and domestic production


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