Repeal the 17th Amendment

Repeal the 17th Amendment

Repeal the 17th Amendment will reinstate the checks and balances originally set in place by our Founding Fathers in the constitution.  Until the checks and balances are fully reestablished correcting the ills of America will not be possible.

The Founding Fathers

Our Founding Fathers had experienced tyranny by living under the authority of an unjust King.   The Founders were fearful that the government that they were about to establish would take on responsibilities that it had NOT been allocated.

An all powerful central Federal government would be no different than the government they had fought the Revolutionary War for freedom.  To prevent the newly established government from becoming as over bearing tyrannical as that of the King of England certain checks and balances were established to stop any encroachment of power by the Federal government.

Established “Checks and Balances”

The Founders established the States with powers along with the authority to control the actions of the Federal government.  The State’s senators were given the power and authority to veto actions of the Federal government as well as the House of Representatives.  The 17th amendment destroyed the ability of the States to control the government.  It is necessary to repeal the 17th amendment in order to restore to the State’s their ability to control an over bearing central government.

Wall of Political Protection

Our Founders had established the States as a barrier or wall between the people and that of the central government.  All actions by the Federal government had to first go through the people’s respective State government.  Taxes levied were allocated against the States which in turn determined how those taxes were to be paid by the citizens of each respective state.

The State’s were able to exercise their veto powers whenever the Federal government over stepped its bounds.  Taxes or regulations placed upon the States that were unjust could be vetoed.  The State Senators were the sentinels for their respective state working on the States behalf to veto any unjust laws that would unfairly affect their state.   The State’s U. S. Senators functioned in this manner for over 100 years until 1913 when the 17th amendment was enacted.

The 17th Amendment

Enactment of the 17th amendment destroyed the balances of authority the Founding Fathers had placed in the constitution to protect the rights and freedoms of the people.  No longer were the senators obligated to do the bidding of their respective state.

Under the original constitution the U. S. Senators were appointed by the State legislators to serve the State for a period of six years.  The U. S. Senators worked for their State reporting back to the State legislators actions that were occurring at the Federal government level.  The State legislators then advised the U. S. Senators what actions they should or should not take with regards to the procedures of the Federal government.  Our state legislators kept control over the Federal government by controlling the actions of their appointed United States Senators.

Today’s U. S. Senators

Today the U. S. Senators campaign for votes from the voting population of their respective state.  The U. S. Senators have no obligation to follow or listen to the directives from their State’s elected authority.  An established check on the Federal government was eliminated.

Currently our U. S. Senators campaign for votes just has the House of Representatives campaign directly for the people’s votes.  As such the U. S. Senators have NO motivation to protect their state from an over bearing central government.  In order to get re-elected the Senators find that
providing benefits catered to the FEW but politically powerful fulfill their base to being elected to the office of U. S. Senator.

The people within the state thinking they were going to get more power and control over their U. S. Senators have found they now have less.  Even in these perilous economic times facing the Federal government the U. S. Senators has little motivation to correct the problems facing America.

Repeal the 17th Amendment

By repealing the 17th amendment a check on the Federal government is re-established.  Once again the State’s can veto unjust unfair laws regulations and taxes.  This reinstatement of the checks and balances established by our Founding Fathers will be the beginning of the healing of America.

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