The Majesty of God’s Law

The Majesty of God’s Law

The Majesty of God’s Law was researched and written by W. Cleon Skousen.  Once again Cleon Skousen is able to take a complex subject making it easy to understand.  This treatise focuses on the Founding Fathers of the United States Constitution their writings about the research into determining what form of government would best meet the needs of a free people.  Dr. Skousen delves into the principles the Founders discovered that are encased within the constitution.

The Majesty of God's LawThe Majesty of God’s Law uses the historical events around the Founder’s exploration for a suitable government as a backdrop to fully analyze the principles of good government.  The Founders search for an acceptable government model to emulate included the Bible, Greek, Roman as well as Anglo-Saxon writings and history.  Though the book is historical its primary focus is the principles that guarantee our freedom.

The book is well researched easy to follow and understand.  The Majesty of God’s Law provides an understanding of the principles that foster and support freedom.  This book is a must read for anyone seeking to fully understand freedom along with the safe guards that a government constitutional document must contain in order for the citizenry to maintain freedom.

A Constitution under Attack

From its enactment in 1789 the United States Constitution has been under attack.  Benjamin Franklin after the constitution had been written was asked by a woman stating “Sir, What have you given us”.  Benjamin Franklin replied “a Republic, Madam, if you can keep it.”  That original constitution lasted a mere thirty years before alterations were made.

Dr. Skousen details the events and circumstances that have eroded our original constitution.  Our political party system is NOT part of our original governing constitutional document.  The first president of the United States George Washington was not a member of a political party.

The Founders saw definite negative consequences from an establishment of political parties.  A mere thirty years later the two political party system was introduced into our governmental operations.  Changes or modifications to the constitution have continued to erode the freedoms contained within the original constitutional document.

Central Bank

Dr. Skousen uses the historical interactions between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton to discuss the principles of a free market money system as well as the threat to the preservation of our freedoms.  Alexander Hamilton was a fervent supporter of a central bank where as Thomas Jefferson was adamantly against any type of a central bank.  George Washington was fearful of national debt and sided with Hamilton.  Cleon Skousen uses this historical event to critic the dangers of a central bank to maintaining the freedoms of the people.

Unalienable Rights

The Founding Fathers believed that our freedoms are God given.  Historically governments prior to the enactment of the U. S. Constitution did not adequately protect the unalienable rights of the people.  The U. S. Constitution was designed to limit government protecting the freedom of the people from government oppression.

The Majesty of God’s Law

Though “The Majesty of God’s Law” is an easy read, it is not a book you should rush through.  The principles and concepts presented by Dr. Skousen require thought along with personal analysis.  We highly recommend this book as you continue your education in understanding the U. S. Constitution.

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