The Cleansing of America

Cleansing of AmericaThe Cleansing of America

Of all the published works of W. Cleon Skousen this book is unique.  Dr. Skousen after working diligently to research and write the book did NOT want it published.  The completed manuscript was presented to his family both immediate and extended family members for their personal edification.

The Skousen family was instructed that “The Cleansing of America” was not to be published during his life time but at such a time when politically everything will seem dark and hopeless.  Dr. Skousen then continued on to clarify the correct time to publish this book.

Cleon Skousen described a time when the U. S. Constitution would be thought by many to be irrelevant.  Concurrently with the political unrest the United States would be in a period of economic turmoil nearing a possible collapse.  That the electorate would abandon well known established principles for temporary “patchwork” approaches that would worsen the overall situation.
In 2010 the Skousen family decided that the time W. Cleon Skousen had described has come to pass so the book “The Cleansing of America” has been published.  Dr. Skousen wrote numerous books both religious as well as historical documenting the development of the freedoms we have today.  The Cleansing of America is an abridgment of these two distinct yet separate subjects.

The Cleansing of America

This book describes the “signs of our times” comparing today with Biblical prophecy of old as well as modern-day prophecy.  Though this treatise has been written from an LDS perspective the book has been written in such a manner where LDS as well as non-LDS will find it easy to comprehend.
Dr. Skousen’s thought process in organizing this book is easy to understand and follow.  Cleon Skousen analyzes prophecy drawing conclusions backing up his thought process with citations.  This allows the reader to acquire an understanding of his position so that they can make an educated decision on their own.

No Need to Fear

The conditions leading to the cleansing of America are quite extreme.  Many people may find future prospects to be fearful.  This was not Dr. Skousen’s intent in writing the book.  He sees the development of these developments as a time for hope.  Hope due to the blessings that will be brought about by the events happening.  We only need to align our lives with the principles contained in the scriptures.


Dr. Skousen’s writing style and book organization make this an easy read.  I am sure the book will be enlightening awakening desires to correct our lives to more fully live the standards we know are true and appropriate.
W. Cleon Skousen was one of the great minds of the last century possessing the ability to simplify otherwise complex principles into easy to understand segments.  By combing the segments together the complex became understandable.

Dr. Cleon Skousen had an illustrious career serving in the Federal Bureau of Investigation, later serving as a police chief of Salt Lake City.  W. Cleon Skousen also served tenure as a professor at Brigham Young University.  In addition he authored many books covering a multitude of subjects of which “The Cleansing of America” was the last published.

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