A Multi-Denominational “Plea to The Heavens” on Behalf of America –New Testament Read-A-Thon March 27 and 28, 2015

This special event will be co-hosted by Pastor Robert Smith of the Assembly of God Church and Dr. Glenn Kimber, graduate of the Coral Ridge Baptist University and Brigham Young University.

The purpose of this event is to join families and congregations of all faiths on the week-end before Easter to read the New Testament together from cover to cover –as a commitment to the Lord of their faith in Him to sustain and bless our troubled land.

Beginning at 7:00 am, Friday March 27, ministers, religious authorities, political leaders, and well-known athletes and entertainers from coast to coast will each take turns reading for about 30 minutes from the King James Version of the New Testament. There will be no preaching in conjunction with the reading. The readers will be introduced at the beginning of their reading sessions, and they will each be using the King James Version of the Bible. (over)

There are multiple ways you can participate:

  • Participate with the live stream
  • Set aside the two days with your family and read the New Testament together
  • Hold a group read-a-thon in your home or a congregational meeting at your church

You can participate for all sessions or any part of them, depending on your own schedules. NO CHARGE!

For more information, send us your contact info:

Multi-Denominational “Plea to The Heavens” on Behalf of America –

New Testament Read-A-Thon

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