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Oregon, Lexington, and Concord

There are plenty of articles discussing the shooting in Oregon. People are asking questions like, “If the shooting was justified, why were there no dashcams or shoulder cameras with audio being shared?” Or, “If LaVoy had the intent to fire upon officers of the law, why did he leave the safety of his vehicle and allow himself to be surrounded?”

Many are trying to answer these questions, but the real questions on everyone’s mind are, “What’s next?  Will we have to turn our ballots into bullets?  Do we need to get involved in this?”

There are voices that speak of a revolution in America. Whispers speak of the next Revolutionary War.  Before we pull out our modern muskets, however, some vital differences between our time and the era of our forefathers need to be considered.

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A Multi-Denominational “Plea to The Heavens” on Behalf of America –New Testament Read-A-Thon March 27 and 28, 2015 This special event will be co-hosted by

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States’ Rights and the 17th Amendment – Alvin Jackson

The problems facing our nation today are not Democratic or Republican. The entire system is broken, as we have veered far from the Constitution the Founding Fathers gave us. Unfortunately, the several amendments added to the original Constitution coupled with onerous decisions by the Supreme Court have resulted in more political power being concentrated in Washington, DC, away from the people.

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