Behind the Scenes in Washington Report – The 2016 Election – Part 4

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The Design Revealed

You will recall that in Part 3 of this series, under the subtitle “Over the Years, Again and Again,” we mentioned that for the last 45+ years, contrived, controlled history has repeated itself over and over again.

In this report, we give a more detailed analysis of this probability, along with an identification of the names of other organizations that have been set up by the “founding fathers of change.”

The Master Planners in Action

In order for these “founding fathers of change” to be able to implement their programs to the greatest extent, they set up more than 30 organizations both nationally and internationally. They would use these organizations as carriers and promoters of their message. These businesses also became the “legal tools” to thrust them into the political arena. 

We should understand that these Master Planners have successfully captured the top leadership of both national political parties.

For half a century they have dominated the policies of both the White House and the State Department. They dominate the entire national network of the American media, the policies of the National Education Association, the National Council of Churches, the American delegation to the United Nations, and practically every important decision-making post in the American government.

A closer look at the organizations that the Master Planners organized will give insight into their ideas and arrangements for America’s future.

The Council on Foreign Relations

This society was set up by Cecil Rhodes in conjunction with Rothschild, Morgan, Carnegie, Rockefeller, et al., and was directed by a small highly secret Round Table Group.

This secret group then set up fronts for the purposes of carrying forward its conspiratorial schemes. The United States front was called the Council on Foreign Relations, and became known as the CFR.

This is the way historian and “insider” Dr. Quigley says it came into being:

“At the end of the war of 1914, it became clear that the organization of this system [the Round Table Group] had to be greatly extended. Once again the task was entrusted to Lionel Curtis who established, in England and each dominion, a front organization to the existing local Round Table Group.

This front organization, called the Royal Institute of International Affairs, had as its nucleus in each area the existing submerged Round Table Group. In New York it was known as the Council on Foreign Relations, and was a front for J.P. Morgan and company in association with the very small American Round Table Group.

“The American organizers were dominated by the large number of Morgan ‘experts,’ including Lamont and Beer, who had gone to the Paris Peace Conference and there became close friends with the similar group of English ‘experts’ which had been recruited by the Milner group. In fact, the original plans for the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations were drawn up in Paris.” (Quigley, Tragedy And Hope, pp. 951-952) Although the Council on Foreign Relations is not the secret inner circle, its front activities are kept as mysterious as they are powerful. Practically no publicity is tolerated. If the student searches the recent periodicals for articles on the CFR, he is likely to find nothing, or at least very little. However, a more or less “official” account of what the  Council wanted on the record was published by the Christian Science Monitor, September 1, 1961.

This paper, according to Dr. Quigley, is part of the CFR-related press and therefore the article might be considered an official presentation. Here is the way the article opens up:

“On the west side of fashionable Park Avenue at 68th St. [New York City] sit two handsome buildings across the way from each other. One is the Soviet embassy to the United Nations…. Directly opposite on the southwest corner is the Council on Foreign Relations — probably one of the most influential semi-public organizations in the field of foreign policy.” (Christian Science Monitor, September 1, 1961)

The CFR roster has a formal membership of about 1,400 elite personalities carefully selected for their usefulness from all of the nation’s key professions. These are screened and trained for decision-making positions in the Federal Government.

The article states:

“Almost half of the Council members have been invited to assume official government positions or to act as consultants at one time or another.”

One other article may be found in one of the older magazines concerning the CFR. In Harper’s of July, 1958, will be found an article entitled, “School for Statesmen,” by CFR member, Joseph Kraft. He describes the CFR in these terms: “It has been the seat of … basic government decisions, has set the context for many more, and has repeatedly served as a recruiting ground for ranking officials.” In this article, Kraft makes the point that CFR trains its members in a specific line of strategy to be carried out as part of the team in Washington.

What is this strategy? Kraft points out that the chief architect for the formal creation of the CFR was the network’s White House aid to President Wilson, “Colonel” Edward Mandell House, who worked hand in glove with Jerome Greene. House described to the administrator, Philip Dru, that the creation of an international grouping of powers and the establishing of “Socialism as dreamed by Karl Marx.”

Kraft states that the carefully selected cadre of CFR supporters brought in to help House were Walter Lippmann, John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles and Christian Herter.

These were all with House at the Paris Peace Conference and House was the host for the Round Table Groups, both English and American, when they met on May 19, 1919, in the Majestic Hotel, Paris, to organize the front organizations for various parts of the world, the CFR in the United States being one of the most important.

These facts are mentioned simply to alert the reader to the fact that Dr. Quigley may be entirely correct in his charge that the CFR and the Global Establishment have gained such a hold on the elective process in the United States that no matter which political party goes into power, the winner is beholden to those powers to a significant degree.

Admiral Chester Ward, who is a long time member of the CFR stated:

“The CFR as such does not write the platforms of both political parties, or select their respective presidential candidates, or control U.S. defense and foreign polices. But CFR members, as individuals, acting in concert with other individual CFR members, do.” (Quoted from “Kissinger On the Couch.”)

Nearly every Secretary of State has been a member of CFR. Notice that this includes both Democrats and Republicans.

The tragedy in all of this is the simple fact that the average tax-paying American was not given an honest and genuine choice.

The voter finds himself enduring one party long enough to witness a whole series of travesties and then switches to the other party thinking he will get a substantial reversal of policy. But he doesn’t. At best, all he gets is a slowing down in the collectivization process and in some areas it becomes even worse than it was before.

The Trilateral Commission

From any point of view — economic, political or social — the most influential planning group in the world is under the direction of the Trilateral Commission in New York, Paris and Tokyo.

It will be immediately appreciated that this organization is no ordinary federation of international leaders.

Its members are among the most influential economic and political leaders in the world.

It proposes to construct a “new world order” around the more advanced world (industrially speaking) and the third world.

The Trilateral Commission could be far more devastating to Constitutional government and the American lifestyle than the U.N.

Some idea of what the big-brother people are planning for your future may be gained from top Trilateralist, Zbigniew Brzezinski in his book, Between Two Ages. It calls for:

1. A piecemeal gathering of nations into a one-world order.

2. An international council to deal with political issues.

3. An international security body to enforce the peace.

4. Education on all levels to be handled by an international body.

5. Distribution of information to be in the hands of an international council.

6. An international body set up to control production of goods.

7. An international body set up to control credit and finance.

8. “Greater American sacrifices.”

Notice that the emphasis is never on “freedom” but only on “international.”

Many of the founders of the Trilateral Commission are running the United States government today.

The Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies

This is the current name for the planning center of the nation’s leading members of the Fortune 500. These are the international bankers, the big industrialists, the heads of the oil corporations, and many of the people who run the nation’s media.

Naturally, this is a powerful group and they have never hesitated to intervene in the affairs of the American people when it has been in their interest to do so.

In the past this group of powerful vested interests has been known as the Council on Foreign Relations or CFR, the Trilateral Commission, The Council on Pacific

Relations, the Bilderbergers, etc.

Basically, they have always been more or less the same people. Their latest meeting place for important planning sessions is the Aspen Institute. The most significant goal of the Aspen Institute is to set up a “new world order” to replace the individual sovereignty and national constitutions of the various nations of the world, including our own.

All history demonstrates that when any group acquires a fabulous amount of money and power, they cannot resist the temptation to remake the world. The Aspen Institute is one of these groups in America, and there is a similar, perhaps competitive group, in the new European Economic Community (EEC). Through the Single European Act, which entered into force in 1987, EEC members committed themselves to remove all remaining barriers to a common market by 1992. The act also gave the EEC formal control of community policies on the environment, research and technology, education, health, consumer protection, and other areas. The Aspen Institute promotes secular humanism in domestic affairs and a new world order in foreign affairs.


The Bilderberg Meetings

This is where the American Master Planners meet with their counterparts from other countries. As explained by the Encyclopedia Britannica:

“The Bilderberg Conference is an annual 3-day conference attended by about 100 of the world’s most influential bankers, economists, politicians, and government officials. The conference, held in a different European or North American country each year, is conducted in an atmosphere of rigid secrecy. The conference provides a private, informal environment in which those who influence national policies and international affairs can get to know each other and discuss without commitment their common problems. After each conference a private report of the meeting is circulated only to past and present participants, and in the report speakers are identified only by their country. The conferences were initiated by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and took their name from the hotel at Oosterbeek, Neth., where the first conference was held in 1954. An international steering committee generally selects different delegates each year.”


The 1957 meeting was held off the coast of Georgia on St. Simons Island, not far from Jekyll Island where a secret meeting was held in 1908 to set up the format for the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank. The 1964 meetings were at Williamsburg, Virginia.

They have also met in Canada, Turkey, Germany, England and France.

All of their meetings are closed. No secretary takes notes of the speeches. No reporter sits in on the debates. And when Prince Bernhard brings down the gavel for the close of the conference, no handout, policy statement or copy of their adopted resolutions is given to the press.

The conferees depart to the four corners of the earth to carry out their adopted goals but the world is never given the slightest hint as to what has been decided.

Raymond B. Fosdick, one of those who nearly always attends these Bilderberg conferences, has said that the Bilderberg partners are spinning “the infinity of threads (economically and politically) which bind peace together.” And of course the “peace” they have in mind is compulsive cooperation, which a socialized world government could enforce upon humanity to the exclusion of any significant resistance. Hence, there would be peace as they envision it.

Apparently, the great fear of the Bilderberg Group has been the possibility of someone infiltrating and exposing them. Therefore, they sometimes make a pretense of publicizing their meetings and even acknowledging who has been invited so that the presence of so many world-renowned personalities will not look quite so conspiratorial or mysterious. At least this has helped to demonstrate who is represented at these conferences and what political and economic allies are banding together.

At the 1975 meeting in Turkey the press was there, but only the socialist press which did not publish a single line about what took place. Bankers were there, but not “capitalist” bankers. Only those who expect to acquire a U.N.-sponsored monopoly control of world finance.

Government officials were there, but only from the extreme left-wing segment of the spectrum. They, too, have remained totally tight-lipped as to the machinations of this august assembly. Just to give you a brief idea of what a Bilderberg conference is like, consider the implications of a meeting with these kind of people participating.

The 2016 Election

These, then, are the basic organizations which have been manipulating the elections of our country for over 50 years.

Never has it been more obvious than during this year’s campaign for presidential election.

It is very interesting to me that when BOTH Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton listed their chief advisors on policy during their campaigns, they named some of the top directors of the CFR.

Donald Trump met with the president of the CFR, Richard Haass, in August of 2015.

Haass is also a member of the influential Trilateral Commission and a Bilderberg attendee. He was appointed special envoy to the State Department by Barack Obama.

Said Trump: “I respect Richard Haass,… I like him a lot. I have a few people that I really like and respect.”

Other candidates held briefings with Haass and the CFR, including Senator Marco Rubio, Jim Webb, Hillary Clinton, Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, Gov. John Kasich of Ohio and Jeb Bush. (NY Times, March 3, 2016)

You may be interested in viewing this compiled video on Youtube to actually see comments by both Trump and Hillary, and also Haass himself:


It is obvious that as things now are, the Master Planners – or as we call them, the Founding Fathers of Change – will continue to run the government regardless of who we choose as president.

In our next Behind the Scenes report, we will continue our study of who the Founding Fathers of Change are actually endorsing and what techniques they are using to see that their people win.

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