Behind the Scenes in Washington – The 2016 Election – Part 1

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Are today’s elections and current events a result of chance or design?

Lessons from Vietnam

I went to Vietnam very much ignorant of the political scene of America, let alone the world scene. But while overseas, I had opportunities to be a first-hand witness of strange actions as well as the concocted media broadcasts of events that supposedly happened over here.

I came home still in love with America, but very confused. I knew we had lost the Vietnam War. It was, in fact, the only war America has lost. It was lost by politics – not because of military weakness!

For the last 45 years, I have watched history repeat itself over and over again. But now my thinking is different. Now I know that what is happening in America today is actually by design.

Back in 1970 when I returned from that political war, I wanted to learn who was in charge of that war, and who was controlling the political scene, the mass media  rhetoric, and the financial boom and bust cycles that have repeated themselves over and over. (In fact, I’ve seen over 14 boom & bust cycles in my lifetime). This report is Part 1 about the journey I took to get some answers, and where those answers came from.

For more than 40 years since Vietnam, I had the privilege of being tutored by one of the greatest patriots and most knowledgeable research historians that ever lived in America – and perhaps the world – Dr. W. Cleon Skousen – scholar and author of over 35 national  best- selling books on many subjects, including The Naked Communist, The Naked Capitalist, The 5,000 Year Leap, The Making of America, and the current popular book The Cleansing of America.

I was privileged to ask him the question, “The events happening in the political and media scene—are they really all by chance?” Dr. Skousen looked at me with concern, and said, “Do you think it happens over and over the same way by chance?” My response to him showed my wide-eyed ignorance. “Is it all being directed then?” I asked. He smiled at me and said, “Why do you act surprised? You know it is.”

Over the next number of years he was kind enough to train me with historical facts, documented examples, and spiritual confirmation. Now I look back and with fond memories, I remember the smiles on his face when people would ask him the question, “Dr. Skousen, how do you know so much about what has happened in America, and what is happening now, and still stay so optimistic?”

I wish many freedom fighters today would hear his simple response, which really is his suggestion for all of us who are freedom-lovers today: “It’s easy to stay optimistic,” he said, “because in my research I’ve included studies of the last chapter. And the last chapter says — in the end, America wins!”

Today I am watching with great interest our current election news. It’s the mass-media’s playground. Individuals with high standards of morality are mocked and ignored, and those with questionable standards are portrayed and touted as the “best possible candidates” available. The cycle of false media-hype and political games are upon us once again.

An Unpopular Word

Obviously, during my own studies, the most compelling question that I wanted answered was, “Who is really in control and running things?”

One of the first things I had to get into my mind was the realization that inasmuch as the events were planned and directed in  secret, they would have to be referred to as a “conspiracy.” This word, however, was very unpopular and people who talked about a “conspiracy” were usually given the title of “right wingers,” “McCarthy-ites,” “New Right fanatics,” “scare-mongers,” etc.

So I asked Dr. Skousen, “In your mind, what do YOU call the conspiracy?” Following is the reply he gave, and subsequently wrote up for others to read. As he shared with me, he too had to go through the same investigating that I was doing to have to do.

Dr. Skousen’s comments can help us all understand the answer to that compelling question, “Who is really in control and running things in America, and in fact throughout the whole world?”

Giving the Conspiracy a Name

Dr. Skousen told me:

“It has been known for a long time that there was a powerful group of insiders that were trying to get control of the United States and her people, but it has been hard to find an accurate, non-sensational name to put on them so that we could calmly, objectively, and definitively identify these people and find out what they have been doing and why.

“For fifty years I have been searching for just the right name to identify these people. They are often called ‘the Establishment.’ Some call them the ‘Elitists.’ The historian, Carl Quigley, called them ‘the Network.’ John A. Stormer wrote a national best seller and called them ‘Perpetrators of Treason.’ Dan Smoot wrote a best seller calling them ‘the Invisible Government.’ Ferdinand Lundberg, called them the ‘Rockefeller Syndrome.’

“In one of my books, I called them the ‘Naked Capitalists.’

“Former Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson used just one name for these people in all his books. He called them ‘The Secret Combination.’”

Conspiracy — For What Reason?

It was interesting that Secretary Benson said that the three things motivating these individuals to do what they were doing were for: Power, Gain, and Glory. I could understand power – that is, political control. I could understand gain – that is, the acquisition of money. But I asked Secretary Benson, “If they always obtained power and money in secret, how would they be able to get glory from the world?”

He responded, “The time will come when these people will have so much confidence in what they are doing that they will come out of  secrecy, and begin to brag about their successes and show off what they feel they have accomplished with their new world power.” He even suggested to me that I would live long enough to see this happen – the coming out of secrecy and bragging to the world.

Dr. Skousen continued:

“In sharing with you the results of my studies, I am going to call them by yet another name. I will call them the ‘MPs.’ This doesn’t for Master Planners. As we get acquainted with the dreams of these people that have been evolving for over a century, we they believe would be the mean Military Police. It stands begin to catch glimpses of what beautiful world of the future.

“The Master Planners are quick to confess that they continually sinister methods to achieve their these deceptive tactics are justified when you  consider the fact that they are planning a world of universal peace, and use covert and sometimes purposes, but they insist that universal prosperity.

“What is particularly disarming about the Master Planners is the fact that they have done a lot of good in the world. I have met some of them. They are charming, polished, well-educated world leaders. They have donated hundreds of millions for colleges and universities, museums, fine-art centers, scholarships, institutions of charity, etc. In fact, this facade of philanthropy is what makes it virtually impossible for most people to give any credence whatsoever to the research of Congressional committees as well as numerous scholars who have discovered what these highly respected leaders are on the verge of unveiling to the shocked and unsuspecting inhabitants of this planet.

“After more than a century of unbelievably successful manipulation and exploitation of governments, economies, mass media, and the populace of every continent on earth, these Master Planners are beginning to talk about their New World Order as though it were about to born.”

You may recall the touting words of many of our current politicians as they speak of “Modern America.” They brag about the universal health care plan. Their speeches include how the Federal Government can now take care of all our needs, including managing our lands, protecting the wild grouse and sand ants, etc., controlling interest rates, how they know best to insure non-denominational religion-free curriculum into our public educational system. We listen in shock as our executive leader vows to over-ride the wishes of  Congress to insure his interpretation of the voice of the people.

And we wring our hands as we watch in horror the broadcasting documentaries on how our government is aiding and abetting our enemies.

As I currently view all of this happening, I must again to Dr. Skousen’s counsel that he shared with me: “When you see these things  happening, if you really want to know what it’s all about, and what is going to happen, you need to stop and take a brief look at the not too distant past. This way you can know who is directing it all and what their desired outcome is.”

So, in next month’s “Behind the Scenes Report,” I will give Part 2 of this report and include the names and personalities who were involved in this whole current political scene. The report will be entitled: “Looking Back to See the Future,” subtitled Is It Happening Again – Are the 2016 elections just “trumped up”?

REMEMBER: The motto for the Thomas Jefferson Center for Constitutional Restoration includes the idea that:

“In God We Trust can only take effect if God can trust in us.”

To learn who is controlling the elections, for documentation on those who ensure corrupt men and women remain in power throughought the world, you can become a member of the Thomas Jefferson Center for Constitutional Restoration, or simply purchase the rest of the Behind the Scenes in Washington Report Parts 1-5.

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