Current Events – By Chance or Design (July 2018)

Protecting Our Rights at the State Level

The Bill of Rights is a document of the States, telling the Federal Government what it cannot do. It is the States protecting our rights against the Federal Government, not the Federal Government protecting our rights.

Conservatives need to be careful not to give power to the Federal government to protect our right to bear arms. That protection has always been held with the States. We have more representation at the State level, meaning we can make sure we have better laws protecting our rights on the State level than we can appealing to politicians far off in Washington.

One last thing, notice how President Trump wrote executive orders to undo much of what Obama did in a matter of months. What happens when Trump’s term(s) are done?

If President Trump writes an executive order, the next President may undo it. If he writes an executive order protecting our gun rights, the next President may take away those gun rights.

That is why we need to keep as much power on the State level and out of the hands of the Federal Government as possible, but especially our right to bear arms.