Healing of America
Class and Seminar Recordings

These classes are being taught for free each evening by the Thomas Jefferson Center’s Restoration Generation as a part of the Missionaries of Freedom program. Short versions of the seminars are being taught as an introduction to our Healing of America Seminar Series.

Watch the recordings or learn more about the seminars using the buttons below.

Healing of America Seminar 1:
God's Hand in the Building of America

Healing of America Seminar 2:
The Founders' Charter of Freedom

Healing of America Seminar 3:
Attacks on the Charter of Freedom

Healing of America Seminar 4:
Restoring the Charter the Charter of Freedom

Righteousness Exalteth a Nation

The Perfect Law of Liberty

Liberalism vs Conservatism:
The Proper Role of the Senate

Was Jesus a Socialist?

Prosperity Economics

Voter Certification Class:
Natural Law and Inalienable Rights

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