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New Thomas Jefferson Center Course!


A presentation on the best-selling book by the late W. Cleon Skousen, presented by his son-in-law Dr. Glenn J. Kimber.

Wednesday Evenings at 7:30
Begins February 2, 2022
(Easy to remember 2/2/22!)

This one-hour class will change your ideology about what is happening in the world today.  You will find the answer to the question: “Are today’s world events by chance or by design?”  

You will see how the 45 demoralizing effects of the Communist agendas have crept their way into the very lives of nearly every citizen of the United States. Many believe that Communism died long ago.  But it is very much alive, and active under the umbrella of many different names. 

You will learn:

  • Who is Karl Marx, and why is his philosophy being promoted in most places in the world, including America?
  • Why do those who promote Communist philosophies believe the system will work?
  • Who is promoting Communist ideologies and concepts in America today?

(If you miss a class, recordings will be available.)


This enlightening interactive Zoom Course is FREE.  Enroll to get your Zoom link and passcode.  Login if you have an account or click here to register.  After creating an account, return to this page and click Take This Course at the top of the page.

Each participant will want their own student manual for this course.  Buy it HERE.

Please contact Jacob Householder at or (480) 599-8572 with any technical questions related to logging in and registering for the course.

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