Welcome to the Thomas Jefferson Center for Constitutional Restoration

Dedicated to teaching the Constitution from the viewpoint of the Founding Fathers, the Thomas Jefferson Center for Constitutional Studies (TJC) will show you how America can be healed.

If you are fed up with those who constantly point out the problems with America, but who offer no solutions, then TJC will provide a fresh perspective. America does have its challenges, but the Founding Fathers have the answers. We can get America back on track. To do so we have developed a powerful series of seminars entitled the Healing of America Seminars. In addition, we have compiled a great library of Constitutional resources and have organized a cadre of patriots who are dedicated to this cause. If you are one of those:

  • who truly loves America
  • who has confidence in the Founding Fathers
  • who is concerned about what’s happening in America, and
  • who wants to be part of a positive movement to heal this land,

We invite you to learn how you can make a real difference!

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