The Tale of Two Constitutions – Part 1

The Tale of Two Constitutions

The people of the United States are living an illusion.  Most citizens of this country feel their rights and freedoms are protected by the U. S. Constitution.  This is no longer the case.  Over the years the constitution has been changed so that the present document lacks the protections the original charter had in place to protect the peoples’ freedoms.

We now have two distinctly different constitutions.  The first constitution was written and ratified by our Founding Fathers.  The latter is the constitution that we are governed by today.  There is a drastic difference between the two constitutions.

In “The Tale of Two Constitutions” video is presented for your edification.  Dr. Glenn J. Kimber provides information about the U. S. Constitution our Founding Father’s had created to control the United States federal government.  The constitution was written to place shackles on the federal bureaucracy so that the freedoms of the people would be protected.

The Constitution as It WAS!

Our Founding Father’s felt that the document possessed great power in its ability to protect and guarantee the freedoms of the people.  The Revolutionary War ended September 3, 1783.  The U. S. Constitution was not ratified until March 4, 1789 nearly seven years after ending the war.  Great care and deliberation was taken by our founders in choosing the words and phrases used in the constitution.

Major debates occurred for several months by our Founding Fathers over the wording of our constitutional document.   The constitution provided the necessary protections for individual States and the people alike.  The Founding Fathers were aware and fearful of an all powerful central government.  The U. S. Constitution was written to limit the powers of the central government thereby protecting the freedoms of each and every citizen.

Our original constitution was a charter designed to shackle the federal government limiting it to what it could do or not do.  The Senate was established to protect the State’s rights.  Each word and phrase found in the constitution was added to the document after diligent efforts by our founders.  Many of the provisions of the constitution required multiple votes before an acceptable consensus had been established.

The Tale of Two Constitutions Video

In this video Dr. Kimber explains why the constitution was written as it was.  Dr. Kimber then goes onto explain the protections we lost by adding certain amendments to the constitution.  The poorly thought out amendments have greatly altered the checks and balances the founders had placed in the constitution to protect the people’s rights and freedoms.

Many of the problems the United States is facing today are the result of abandoning the principles encased within the original constitution by our founders.  Our founders believed the people’s rights were unalienable.  In addition the rights of the government were those rights and responsibilities the people have given the government.




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