The Healing of America – Founding Fathers Were Inspired by God!

Our Founding Fathers Were Inspired by God!

The Founding Fathers experienced first hand what it is like to “love your King” to being ruled tyrannically by that King. They knew without question the evils of an all powerful cental government. Our founding fathers understood that the central government must be controlled or its citizens would lose their freedom.

The “Healing of America” seminars consist of 4 ten hour lessons explaining in detail the United States history, constitution phrase precept by precept along with solutions to correct the problems America is under going. You will leave the seminars feeling positive about this country. America can be healed.

Seminar One – God’s Hand in Building America

Anything that would be added or taken from the U. S. Constitution is evil. Our founding fathers worked diligently debating the inclusion or exclusion of words for the constitution. It was understood that words in themselves have power thereby each word in the constitution was carefully considered.

Seminar Two – The Constitution – Preamble

Detail step-by-step explaining every clause in the constitution. This seminar will cover why the founding fathers placed into the constitution the clauses that were included as well as why some things were left out.

Seminar Three – Attacks on the Founding Fathers

During this seminar you will discover who along with why the founding fathers were being attacked? What was the motivation of the attackers? What was the goal of attacking the founding fathers? What has placed America in the difficult situations the United States now finds itself?

Seminar Four – The Healing of America – Restoring the Constitution

Discover how to heal America in its time of need. Positive actions that will work to correct the problems and ills of America. America can be healed. The constitution of the United States can be restored. The actions taken must be measured as well as performed in the proper order.

In seminar four you learn how to help America heal. You will leave this seminar feeling very POSITIVE knowing America can and will survive.

Restoring the Constitution to its Original Form

Forty-seven steps to heal the constitution. If the people are united these 47 steps to healing our country can be accomplished in less than four years. By working together this nation can be healed. Only through knowing and understanding the Founding Father’s Constitution can we protect our God given rights and freedom.

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