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Seminars and Classes

Attend the Healing of America seminars to discover the times God has intervened to preserve and prosper our nation, and what we can do to receive the same political miracles today.

Take a crash course on political philosophy and learn to answer difficult questions about the proper role of different levels of government.

Our trainings are designed to provide hope that our constitutional government can be restored.

Participate in classes that debunk myths about the Founding Fathers and highlight pivotal moments in our American History.

Healing of America Seminars

Throughout the history of the world, God has intervened in the affairs of nations in direct and dramatic ways to preserve and perpetuate the cause of liberty. Discover the stories and solutions that will bring you hope and conviction that we can heal America as we turn back to God and trust in his plan.

Attend seminar 1 to gain a conviction that God has and will miraculously intervene in direct and dramatic ways on behalf of nations that seek to serve Him and preserve liberty.

Join us for seminar 2 to be trained on the substance of the U.S. Constitution and learn the hundreds of reasons the Constitution is inspired and still extremely relevant today.

Seminar 3 will inform you of the specific ways we have changed or ignored critical parts of the Constitution and moral fiber of America, leading to countless problems we face today.

Find hope for the future of our nation as you study the unifying solutions that address the root causes of todays greatest political problems, as outlined in seminar 4.


Healing of America Class Announcements
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We teach how politics is supposed to work. Join us for our workshops, classes, firesides, and seminars where we teach how we can participate in a bipartisan effort to heal our country.


These lessons will be taught in person as well as through internet broadcast. You may either request a lesson or attend a class that has already been scheduled. In many cases, recordings of the classes will be made available after the class has ended. Here are a few ways to watch and stay informed of upcoming events:

1. Text RESTORE to 91011 to receive daily text updates about upcoming classes!

2. Join the "Healing of America Class Announcements" Facebook group to read and engage in conversations about upcoming classes and recordings of past events.

3. Easily view and share recordings of each of our classes and seminars.

4. Use our spreadsheet to quickly view upcoming and past classes. Links are provided to make joining the classes or viewing the recordings simple.

Jacob Householder

Jacob is a public speaker, researcher, and writer who believes America can be healed through civil public discourse and proper education. He seeks to unify America by promoting and highlighting bipartisan solutions instead of partisan problems. He has assisted with various projects, such as the Harvard Divinity School’s Religious Literacy Project. Jacob is currently studying Financial Economics and is preparing to apply to graduate school to attain a PhD in Economics. He has assisted with the creation of half a dozen educational nonprofits over the past several years. Jacob is an advocate of liberty and has dedicated his life to teaching principles of successful government and making hopeful solutions popular.

Bryson Davis

Bryson has dedicated his life to understanding the divine science of politics, the cause of liberty, and helping others to understand God’s inspired form of government. His goal is to unify and heal America by means of educating individuals in each community in the nation, on the importance of understanding the U.S. Constitution from the viewpoint of the Founding Fathers. He believes that such is possible by putting less emphasis on political parties and more on political principles, where bi-partisan solutions can be found. Bryson is currently studying accounting and economics at Brigham Young University-Idaho. He is an advocate of liberty and the rule of law and will do all within his power to protect them.

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