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America has something unique, something that makes us a beacon of liberty on a hill. This light has the power to fight the darkness of tyranny, but there must be free and informed citizens ready to bear it. Many of us have forgotten, or simply never learned, to recognize what powers that light, and it is in danger of being snuffed out. Learn the principles, the “why” and “how” of liberty, and then get ready.

We’re taking our light to the rest of the world.

Constitutional Studies

Members of the Thomas Jefferson Center and Restoration Generation engage in rigorous study of the Constitution and writings of the Founding Fathers. These students of the "Freedom Formula" teach courses in the community.

Online Courses

Those who support the Thomas Jefferson Center's work are granted access to courses provided by the TJC. The courses are broadcast on the internet several times a week.

Political Activism

The Constitution was intended to be a pattern of successful self-government for the nations of the world. The Thomas Jefferson Center, as a for-profit entity, can support good legislation and representatives, with the goal or restoring checks and balances.

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