America is Sick – Can She be Healed?

"America is Sick – Can She be Healed?"

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Al and Juleen Jackson

CEO of the Thomas Jefferson Center
Former State Senator


Dr. Glenn J. Kimber

President of the Thomas Jefferson Center

Dr. W. Cleon Skousen

Former President of the Thomas Jefferson Center
Internationally Renowned Speaker

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Tuesday, August 24th
9:00 AM to 10:00 AM MDT

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Making America Great Again PERMANENTLY

Restoring Check and Balances

Laureen Simper - Stacie Thorton

We each began our study of liberty principles separately, yet we both began with Dr. Skousen’s comprehensive “5000 Year Leap”. As we became acquainted and began a study group together, we went on to study Skousen’s “Healing of America” series. These materials are the most thorough exploration of God’s hand in the founding of America - and long before - that we have encountered. The accelerated learning techniques employed in the “Healing of America” workbooks - filling in blanks on worksheets while reading the material, as a teacher reads it aloud - is extremely effective in better retention of the material.

As we continued our study with “The Making of America”, “The Cleansing of America”, and returned to our study of “5000 Year Leap”, we felt strongly impressed to begin teaching the liberty principles ourselves. We were convinced that education of true principles, while not a quick fix, is the only truly effective way to restore America to the success formula of good government which the Founders envisioned.

For the last five years, we have taught in cottage meetings, firesides, and other civic meetings, and have developed an extended 6-week class that goes into more depth to teach the correct principles of good government. Time and again, we have people tell us that they vote differently, and look at issues differently, when they finally understood the correct principles.

Matthew J Bryson

I first got involved with TJC to prove them wrong! However, the content and integrity of this organization proved otherwise. I was converted from a millennial attitude of ‘entitlement and entertainment’ to a strong constitutional understanding of this nation’s inspired origin.

David Eggertsen

This program has given me renewed hope! I now know that the constitution can indeed be restored and how it can be done. And the most important part is that I know what I can do to help!

Julianne Kimber

TJC has taught me - Liberty Begins at Home! Everything I have learned - My husband and I in turn teach our children! This is how they will know how to perpetuate what our Founders gave us as our children are the ones who will preserve this Nation!

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