George Washington – A Case of Character Part 1

How do we find, support and keep men and women of character in public office? Before I answer this question allow me to propose the model we should be looking for by relating a story about George Washington. For those who have truly studied about President Washington, I can hear you skeptically saying, “Impossible! You just don’t find Washingtons today.” To that I reply, “Nonsense.”First, we as a society are not placing men like Washington before our youth and heralding them as virtuous souls whose examples are worthy of emulation, instead many are maligning their character.Second, we are simply not doing our part to seek out, encourage and support those individuals who have the right character to be worthy of the public trust.Third, we are not teaching character as a moral/spiritual (in subsequent posts I’ll define what I mean by spiritual) obligation in our schools today. Stick with me because these people truly do exist if you are willing to look.With that said, allow me to present the standard of character for our public officials by relating one of the great stories in our Nation’s history—a story about General George Washington. Remember as you read this that Washington put great effort into building his own character every day and as a result he had the ability to lead men of all stations of life to victory in our Revolutionary War. Against all odds he succeeded. His character was such that he was able to withstand the greatest of all temptation; his men’s proposal to make him king of America.Come back soon to hear the rest of the story…

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