Behind the Scenes in Washington Report – The 2016 Election – Part 2

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The Founding Fathers of Change

It is very important for Americans everywhere to study the greatness of America, the declaration of Americans’ rights shown in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. But this understanding must be from the viewpoint of the Founders themselves.

We need to recognize their “intent” for each facet of our government, from their perspective. As so-called “Constitutionalists,” we will never have a clear picture of what they did unless we have a full understanding of WHY they included particular principles and what they actually wanted to achieve.

We often refer to the Founders as the “Forefathers of America.” We could also say that there were “four” fathers. There were over a hundred active leaders who participated in setting up the first free people of modern times. But there were four who had the title of  leadership. For example:


  • 1. George Washington was known as the “Father of our Country.”
  • 2. Sam Adams carried the title of “Father of the Revolution, with his Sons of Liberty. Thomas Jefferson assisted as the writer of the Declaration of Independence.
  • 3. James Madison carried the title of “Father of the Constitution” for his copious notes of the convention, and contribution to vital principles.
  • 4. Benjamin Franklin was labeled the “Father of Morality,” for his wise counsel and high standard of living. What a tremendous team these four “Fathers” made in establishing this “land of the free!”

A Change, a Change, a Change was Coming

After the Constitution was adopted in 1787, and ratified in 1789 with the Bill of Rights, it was exciting to see how fast the country rose to greatness as the new system was launched. Even Washington himself was surprised and elated. He said: “The United States enjoys a scene of prosperity and tranquility under the new government that could hardly have been hoped for.” (Fitzpatrick, The Writings of George Washington, Vol. 31:316-317)

But – as the Founders themselves had feared – America gradually began to drift away from the principles of freedom that they had established. The Founders wrote powerful warnings to future generations, to make sure they maintained the “checks and balances” provided for in the original Constitution. Nevertheless, here is what happened: Just as America had been established on correct principles by a group of business and political leaders, so also the shift in direction was the handiwork of business and political leaders. New leadership came into power and influence approximately 100 years after the Constitution was established. The desire of these new leaders was to abandon the Constitutional principles of the original Founders, including free enterprise, and shift the country towards what became known as Democratic Socialism.

It is vital that the people of America learn who these founding leaders were, and what their philosophy was and still is. They became known as the “Master Planners” who wanted to set up a “new world order.” We refer to them as the “founding fathers of change.”

It is also important to understand the organizations which they carefully established to accomplish their designs as well as their involvement in national and international affairs.

There were about 100 men from the top inner circle who represented four major dimensions of power. Four of the most influential of these “master planners” were:

1. Andrew Carnegie was one of the giants in the steel industry.

2. J. P. Morgan was one of America’s foremost railroad magnates.

3. John D. Rockefeller was one of America’s foremost oil magnates.

4. Cyrus Eaton was an international banker who promoted peaceful co-existence and world-wide disarmament.

These four leaders of change set up organizations, including international banking dynasties, vast international corporations, tax-exempt foundations, and powerful lobbyist organizations that sponsored representatives who have gained high offices in government – especially in the United States.

The background story of these master planners is documented and explained in the excellent resources, such as Tragedy and Hope, a 1311-page book by Carroll Quigley. Quigley was a historian and for many years an insider into some of their most prestigious organizations.

An excellent review of Tragedy and Hope, written by W. Cleon Skousen, called The Naked Capitalist exposes the plans of these four “fathers of change.” Dr. Skousen also wrote the national best-selling book The Naked Communist, which reveals the world-wide organization of Communism, its founders and philosophies.

In addition, a series of reports called “The Freemen Digest” contains interviews with a number of the current Master Planners themselves. These interviews were conducted under the guidance of Dr. Skousen. Also, the renowned Reece Committee Report documents this extraordinary story.

What Motivates These Master Planners?

No system in the history of the world has resulted in such a massive destruction of human life as these militant forms of socialism that were being suggested and even implemented by these Master Planners.

Many of the most prominent Americans advocating this abandonment of the American Dream are ordinarily thought of as capitalists. As mentioned, these wealthy and successful American industrialists turned away from the Constitution and began embracing and  promoting the principles of Democratic Socialism.

Why is Democratic Socialism so appealing?

Democratic Socialism provides a concentration of power over the people and their property. Apparently from the point of view of these wealthy and influential leaders, Democratic Socialism offered some distinct advantages to themselves.

By gradually acquiring the leadership of both American political parties, the “founding fathers of change” knew that it would be possible to gain control of the policies of the United States government.

The power of government could then be used to gradually establish cartel privileges which would greatly simplify the problem of competition. Competition was frightening to these men as they became successful corporate owners.

We now know these men also felt the need to acquire control over the nation’s money and credit system.

Verified Congressional investigations have revealed just how these master planners launched their ideas for socialism in America. Increased taxation and expanded government spending was directed in ways that would greatly enrich their own enterprises.

Hundreds of millions of dollars were channeled through tax-exempt foundations to provide gifts and grants to educational institutions. All of these heavily financed programs emphasized a collectivist or Socialist system as the hope of the future.

In addition, the ideas of the original Founding Fathers were touted as “not fitting” a modern industrial economy. In fact, they said, the Constitution is obsolete.

These wealthy leaders then invested heavily in certain political candidates who would promote Socialist policies after being elected to office. They began to buy up as much as possible the media (newspapers, radio, television, and the internet).

Their most loyal employees were pressed forward to accept top-level government offices where policies are set and decisions are made.

The Downfall Accelerates– 1913

Congressional investigations reveal how these wealthy master planners became the “founding fathers of change” as they gained national political power by 1913. Three of the programs they had been pushing for several years went into operation the same time they gained control of the White House and Congress.

The Federal Reserve System was pushed through by the White House which gave a consortium of wealthy banking houses control over the money and credit system of the United States;

The Federal Income Tax Amendment (the 16th Amendment) went into effect which gave the Federal Government a powerful new financial resource; and The loss of the balance of power came with the passing of the 17th Amendment (which we will discuss later). This

amendment severely damaged the machinery which the Founders had set up to protect states’ rights and the power and authority to protect U.S. citizens.

These and other Supreme Court decisions gave the government leaders the authority to do anything they felt was “good” for the country, and forced Americans to pay for them with their taxes.

Tax, Tax, Tax! Spend, Spend, Spend!

From 1913 until now, every emergency has been used to increase taxes, strengthen Federal regulations and gradually focus the whole power structure of government away from the individual and local self- government toward Washington.

Additional Congressional investigations revealed that some of these emergencies were contrived or planned. Others were simply exploited to expedite the socialization process. Here are some examples: Getting into World War I. As early as 1909 one of the wealthy foundations was emphasizing how much more rapidly they could change the American “social order” if the U.S. could be involved in a European war. World War I was the result. After World War I, Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr., father of the famous “Lone Eagle” who was the first to fly the Atlantic, asked the people of the United States to reconsider the policy Washington was pursuing in its foreign affairs. He was particularly concerned about how Americans were pushed into World War I.

Getting into World War II. Later, as World War II broke out in Europe during September 1939, there was widespread hope among Americans that the United States could somehow resist the temptation to become involved. Highly perceptive leaders who had served in

Washington and knew the tragic consequences of “Internationalism” as a basic foreign policy, raised warning voices against participation in another world war.

One of these was J. Reuben Clark, Jr., a former Under-Secretary of State and former ambassador to Mexico. As a prominent writer on Constitutional issues, he consistently reflected the views of the Founders. In 1939 he gave a speech urging American leaders to recognize the role of America as a great world peacemaker. “America,” he said, “the great neutral, will thus become the Peacemaker of the world, which is her manifest destiny if she lives the law of peace.” (Quoted in the Freemen Digest, October 1978, pp. 2-3)

But little heed was given to the warnings. Ever since Secretary Clark gave this speech, the United States has been involved in a number of major wars, including the holocaust of World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam, the war with Iraq, and currently Isis. Looking back, one cannot help wondering how much happier, more peaceful, and more prosperous the world would be if the United States had been following the policy of “separation” as the world’s great peacemaker, instead of “internationalism” as the world’s great “policemen.”

In Part 3 of this series, we will discuss the various organizations they teamed up with throughout the world which gave them “control” of policies at home and abroad.

REMEMBER: The motto for the Thomas Jefferson Center for Constitutional Restoration includes the idea that:

“In God We Trust can only take effect if God can trust in us.”

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