Seminar #3: Attacks on the Charter of Freedom


Seminar 3: The Unhinging of America – Attacks on the Charter of Freedom

Sadly, ‘The Unhinging of America’ has a real ring of truth in today’s
political and economic climate, doesn’t it? Have you been wondering
what’s really happening to our country and what you can do to get
America back on track?

In Seminar 3, you’ll study the people, organizations, and groups that
are using their time and resources to try to change the direction of
America to serve their own self-interests. While avoiding focusing on
the negative, this session will open your eyes to how far our country
has been allowed to drift from the Founders’ original principles.

Just as scientists cannot cure cancer until they find out what causes
it, we the American people will never be able to heal America without
knowing what ails it. As you participate in this seminar, you will
receive documentation describing the 100 major problems facing America
as a result of America’s abandonment of constitutional principles and
will learn how the Founding Fathers forewarned us of these problems.