Seminar #2: The Founders’ Charter of Freedom


Seminar 2: The Founders’ Charter of Freedom

Unfortunately, the Constitution is rarely used as the measuring stick
for proposed legislation. Yet in less than 100 years following its
ratification, America was the most prosperous nation in the world. Do
you ever find yourself wishing you really knew more about that inspired
document? Have you just not known where to go or whom to trust to get
the understanding of the Constitution that you really want?

As you participate in Seminar 2 of the Healing of America series,
you’ll study the entire Constitution from the viewpoint of the Founding
Fathers. You’ll see how the trend away from using the Constitution as
the standard for evaluation new legislation, has allowed emotionalism
and private interests to become the new measuring stick for most laws.
What you learn in this session will enable you to understand and
appreciate the Constitution and you’ll be ready for the critically
important topics that you’ll study in Seminar 3.