The Rising Generation for America

The Rising Generation for America

Millennials, we have faith in you! 

We believe that there are American Millennials who care about freedom, they care about God and country. Many of us who want to be a force for good, however, don't have a direction! We don't have a plan! 

We want to save America, but we don't know how!! 

Come join like-minded Americans from all around America who want to be a part of making our nation a better place, and in healing America! The Rising Generation for America conferences shine a positive light on our country and teaches answers and solutions instead of problems and despair. 

While many destructive forces teach us that individual liberty, morality, and the family are all outdated and obsolete principles, the Rising Generation for America Conference will teach powerful and uplifting truths not found in any conference in America!

This seminar will include sensational speakers such as Dr. Glenn J. Kimber and others! 

Topics include:

            1. How to save our nation using basic Constitutional principles
            2.  Valuable leadership training
            3.  How to be involved in politics in a positive way
            4. Realistic political simulations!
            5. Millennials in Prophecy/what is my part?

You will NOT want to miss this!!!

This event will be held in Springville Utah. While other conferences charge hundreds of dollars, the Rising Generation conference only costs $100 (if you are a Pledge Member of the Thomas Jefferson Center you qualify for a member discount!), and that covers everything you need for the weekend: sleeping accommodations, meals, materials packet, conference t-shirt, etc. The Rising Generation for America is a pro-God, multi-denomiational conference, and will therefore include instructors and scriptures from various Christian faiths including the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and the words of inspired Christian leaders.  

For more info, click here!

If you are interested in being a chaperone, email us at We only need one chaperone per 8 students (chaperones can attend free!), and it's on a first come first serve basis, so let us know if you're interested! 

There are a limited number of spaces, so get your tickets quick!

There are 3 options to attend: 

  1. Attend the conference live, meet the speakers, participate in discussion, and meet like minded friends! We provide everything you need, including food and housing! Only $100!
  2. Local attendees, or those who don't need housing, get a discount! Only $75
  3. For those who cannot travel, view the conference live online! If you are sending your family members and would like to view, you get the online viewing option included free! Online family tickets are just $50!
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