The Healing of America Seminar Series

The Healing of America Seminar Series

We are excited to bring to you this powerful and unique plan to restore the Constitution, and America's greatness!

The new format will allow you to: 

  • •  Involve your whole family with our online Group Ticket!
  • •  View and participate from anywhere in the world!
  • •   Get the most out of your experience as you review previous events throughout the course!
  • •   Share highlights with your family and friends!



Read details about each Seminar here!


What's Included?

Your exciting package includes

  • •   Your ticket to watch and particiapte in the online Seminar with your family.
  • •   One manual per ticket, plus 2 bonus manuals for family members
  • •   A bonus book with the first seminar - The 5,000 Year Leap
  • •   Free shipping on all Seminar materials



From the moment you commit to the healing of America will share a weekly 2 hour event of the Healing of America Series, lasting for 16 weeks. Each week will have a different theme:

Seminar 1 - God's Hand in the Building of America:

  • Event 1: Events and People Who Prepared the Way
  • Event 2: Raised Up for the Very Purpose
  • Event 3: The War that Set Them Free
  • Event 4: The Perils of Freedom

Seminar 2 - The Founder's Charter of Freedom:

  • Event 1: The Legislative Branch
  • Event 2: The Executive & Judiciary
  • Event 3: The Bill of Rights
  • Event 4: Amendments 11-27

Seminar 3 - The Unhinging of America:

  • Event 1: Attacks on the Founders' Educational Dream
  • Event 2: Assaults on the Moral Fiber of America
  • Event 3: Assault on the Charter of Freedom
  • Event 4: Attacks on America's Role in the World

Seminar 4 - Restoring the America Way:

  • Event 1: Restoring the Individual and the Family
  • Event 2: Healing the Community and the State
  • Event 3: Restoring the Constitution
  • Event 4: Restoring International Relationships


Our online program is designed to help families to learn together, which is why we build our Online Family Package. Normally the entire seminar series will cost a family $996; however, since this is our debue into national broadcasting, we are offering HUGE discounts (about 66% off)! Participants have the options to:

  • Option 1.   (Our Best Price) If you are a Pledge Member.
    • Millenial Members s get FREE access.
    • Century Member discount - only $130 for all 4 seminars ($266 off!).
    • Founders Memver discount - only $296 for all 4 seminars ($100 off!).
    • If you aren't a Pledge Member yet, become one now to get that same discount, and for the following extra benefits:
      • ○   Full access to Behind the Scenes in Washington, to discuss current events from the perspective of to the Founding Fathers
      • ○   Participate in the weekly Americans for Liberty class.
      • ○   Be included in the Lunch Break at Noon with Dr. Kimber, where you can speak with board members including State Senator Alvin Jackson, and more.
      • ○   A special discount on all products in our store
      • ○   And more!
        • or
  • Option 2.    The entire 4 month seminar series (all 16 events) for $330, including materials (45% savings).
  • Option 3.    No committment monthly option consists of 1 seminar (4 events) for just $99 each, including all materials.




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We're excited to see you there!