Constitution and Current Events: America, Where Goest Thou?

Constitution and Current Events: America, Where Goest Thou?

This exciting seminar answers the question burning in every American's heart:

"Is America here by chance or by design?" 

This is a multidenominational seminar. We will go over the the words of our Founding Fathers, as well as various patriots and religious leaders such as former Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson, and see his insight on the work of the Establishment, and their plans for our future.

Tickets for the seminar are just $10 a person, which also includes all necessary materials. This is greatly needed in America! We need answers, and we need a plan! Invite your friends to hear this message!

PLEASE JOIN US FOR THIS PATRIOTIC ASSEMBLY WHERE LIKE - MINDED PEOPLE WILL ​ LEARN: who is influencing our nation, how to re-establish the Constitution as the guiding law of our land, and how to put America back on the path to prosperity and success!


  • ● Really love America
  • ● Are concerned about the current political climate
  • ● Believe God has not forgotten us, and that He wants to aid our nation
  • ● Would like to be part of the "Healing of America"