An Evening With The Founding Fathers - Thomas Jefferson

THIS MONTHS THEME:  Thomas Jefferson

This exciting packet has lessons, activities, songs, and games for families to learn together about our Founding Fathers and the Constitution.  The Family Pack is divided into three parts:

1.  Parents you will find valuable background information about patriotic subjects that will give parents knowledge for teaching their children so that they can grow up understanding the basic principles upon which our nation was founded.  This month’s information is about Thomas Jefferson:

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Who Was W. Cleon Skousen?

Many patriots who are of the younger generation have asked members of the Thomas Jefferson Center: “We have heard of W. Cleon Skousen.  We know he wrote the popular Five Thousand Year Leap.  But who was he?  What is his background that gives him such credibility?”

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Healing of America Seminar #1.3

Join us for The Healing of America Seminar #1, "God's Hand in The Building of America" At 7:00 PM MST on 5-18-10

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Why Make Laws? What is Law Anyway?

Why Make Laws?

In order to understand what law is and why laws should be written, one must understand that there is a fourth unalienable not found in theDeclaration of Independence. That is the natural right to protect and defend ones’ life, liberty and property.

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The 17th Amendment of the U. S. Constitution

The 17th Amendment

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