Behind the Scenes in Washington Report - The 2016 Election - Part 3

Introduction: This month in our Constitutional Insights report, we are continuing the theme of attacks on the Founding Fathers and their moral integrity. As you will recall, those who wish to destroy our American culture first try to discredit the men and women who founded it. Their works are not only discredited, but their lives are shown as being immoral, ignorant or shallow. Benjamin Franklin is a classic example of these kinds of attacks.

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Behind the Scenes in Washington Report - The 2016 Election - Part 2

America gradually began to drift away from the principles of freedom that the Founding Fathers of America had established. 

New leadership came into power and influence approximately 100 years after the Constitution was established. The desire of these new leaders was to abandon the Constitutional principles of the original Founders, including free enterprise, and shift the country towards what became known as Democratic Socialism. 

It is vital that the people of America learn who these founding leaders were, and what their philosophy was and still is. They became known as the “Master Planners” who wanted to set up a “new world order.” We refer to them as the “founding fathers of change.” 

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Behind the Scenes in Washington Report - The 2016 Election - Part 1

An Unpopular Word 

Obviously, during my own studies, the most compelling question that I wanted answered was, “Who is really in control and running things?” 

One of the first things I had to get into my mind was the realization that inasmuch as the events were planned and directed in  secret, they would have to be referred to as a “conspiracy.”

This word, however, was very unpopular and people who talked about a “conspiracy” were usually given the title of “right wingers,” “McCarthy-ites,” “New Right fanatics,” “scare-mongers,” etc. 

So I asked Dr. Skousen, “In your mind, what do you call the conspiracy?" Following is the reply he gave, and subsequently wrote up for others to read...

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Highly Anticipated

The Popular and Exciting Seminar Series - The Healing of America

has been taught live in all 50 states and a number of foreign countries, and will be broadcast nationally starting May 5! This seminar series is life changing. Experience its potential to change you, and empower you to heal both your community and our great nation.

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Criteria for a Candidate

What kind of man was President George Washington? Was he loud, agressive, and crude? Or was he certain, solid, and dignified? With these questions in mind, what kind of man do we want to take up his legacy for the next four years?  

We all want representatives that will help us reestablish the checks and balances. We yearn for leaders we can look up to as standards of morality. Imperfect men, yes, but sincere Christians; men who make mistakes but are willing to repent, and do their best every day.

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